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W&A Engineering / Nashville Office

W&A Engineering’s Nashville, TN location is managed by Director of Operations:
Clint Camp, PE, CFM, LEED AP.

Founded in 1999, W&A Engineering is a multidisciplinary engineering firm, headquartered in Athens, GA with offices in Nashville, TN. Known for innovative design, efficient engineering & professional service, W&A Engineering is the trusted partner of community leaders and developers driving sustainable growth throughout the United States. Utilizing a mix of creative and analytical engineering, along with extensive real world experience, our team efficiently moves projects from inception to completion in a wide variety of public and private sectors. W&A also provides on-call economic development services to over 35 communities with projects in more than 45 of the United States.

W&A Engineering / Nashville offers the following services:
• Civil Engineering
• Construction Management
• Landscape Architecture
• Traffic Engineering
• Economic Development
• Municipal Services
• Planning and Development Services

 Dir. of Business Development, Scott Poag with Dir. of Operations, Clint Camp / W&A Engineering, Nashville, TN

Dir. of Business Development, Scott Poag with Dir. of Operations, Clint Camp / W&A Engineering, Nashville, TN


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Clint Camp
Director of Operations
Nashville, TN
(615) 610-1023


The W&A Engineering Team

 The W&A Engineering Team of Civil Engineers, Construction Managers, Traffic Engineers, Landscape Architects, Planners and Economic Development Experts

The W&A Engineering Team of Civil Engineers, Construction Managers, Traffic Engineers, Landscape Architects, Planners and Economic Development Experts

Careers at W&A Engineering

Services: W&A Engineering

W&A Engineering has at its Athens Headquarters over thirty Engineers, Landscape Architects & Designers, Planners and other experts who can provide engineering services covering all of Southeastern United States. In its Nashville Office, W&A Engineering also works with professional Surveyors, Geotechnical Engineers, Construction Managers, Attorneys and other experienced technicians to provide maximum value while working in the best interest of our clients to marry innovative design with efficient engineering. In the Greater Middle Tennessee area, our W&A teams are happy to partner with local professional service providers with whom we have long-term relationships, allowing us to work together as part of a high-performing team in Tennessee to deliver projects faster, with better service and overall experience for our clients. Contact Clint Camp in Nashville today for more information: (615) 610-1023


Civil Engineering

Innovative and efficient design by W&A’s Civil Engineering team maximizes budget while delivering development and infrastructure that exceeds expectation.

Civil Engineering Services Include:
• Site Development
• Stormwater Management & Hydrology
• Utility & Infrastructure Design
• Grading, Erosion Control, NPDES Permitting
• Local, State, & Federal Permitting


Economic Development

W&A’s Economic Development team draws expertise from all of the firm’s departments to assist communities in moving quickly on complex industrial projects, ensuring that tight deadlines and specific site requirements that drive industrial expansion and location are met.

Economic Development Services Include:
• On-Call General Services
• Conceptual Planning
• Industrial Park Design
• Site Evaluation & Due Diligence
• Preliminary Engineering
• Cost Estimation


Landscape Architecture

W&A’s Landscape Architects bring man-made elements in harmony with natural environments to enhance project value and encourage appreciation of the built environment.

Landscape Architecture Services Include:
• Site Design
• Master Planning
• Planting, Amenity and Entrance Design
• Graphic Services
• Planning Services


Municipal Services

W&A’s Municipal Services team provides expert strategies to guide sustainable development and smart infrastructure so that communities can better address the needs of their citizens and prepare for future growth while meeting growing regulatory requirements.

Municipal Services Include:
• Code Writing & Consulting
• Grant Writing & Administration
• Ordinance Administration & Plan Review
• Industrial Park Design
• Parks & Recreation Facilities
• Project & Construction Administration
• Stormwater Management & Hydrology
• Streetscape Design
• Utility & Infrastructure Design


Traffic Engineering

W&A’s Traffic Engineers ease the burden of transportation logistics by employing innovative design solutions that improve accessibility.

Traffic Engineering Services Include:
• Traffic Studies
• Roadway Design & Permitting
• Traffic Signal Studies


PLanning & Development Services

W&A’s Planning & Development team streamlines due diligence, entitlements, and project construction administration to ensure that projects move seamlessly through each development phase to meet expedited timelines.

Planning & Development Services Include:
• Due Diligence
• Sub-Consultant Management
• Rezoning
• Annexation
• Land Entitlements
• LEED Certification
• Project & Construction Administration

 Clint Camp, Director of Operations, W&A Engineering / Nashville

Clint Camp, Director of Operations, W&A Engineering / Nashville


Meet Clint Camp

Clint Camp, PE, CFM, LEED AP
Director of Operations
W&A Engineering / Nashville

Clint Camp was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, where his family has been entrenched in the development and construction industries for over a century. Clint remained in Middle Tennessee while he received his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville and his Master’s in Construction Management from Vanderbilt University.

While pursuing his undergraduate degree, he served as an Engineering Intern for the US Army Corps of Engineers (Nashville District, Hydrology & Hydraulics Division) and Consoer Townsend Envirodyne Engineers, now a division of AECOM. Clint is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Tennessee with 14 years of experience in civil engineering services, including, but not limited to, site planning, site design, land development, stormwater design, construction management, facility management, operational management, GIS, and structural moving.

In his spare time, Clint enjoys volunteering and engaging in civic activities. He is active in Rebuilding Together Nashville, assists in stream restoration projects, presides over the local branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers, works toward improved legislation affecting the industry at the local and state level, and helps his wife lead the Nashville Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders USA.

For Civil Engineering in Nashville
Call Clint Camp, Today:
(615) 610-1023


W&A Engineering has been extremely successful in Georgia over the last twenty years, and we are excited to expand our collaborative engineering services in Nashville under the direction of Clint Camp.
— W&A Engineering CEO, Jon Williams

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